El Iberico


A mediterranean restaurant in Sidcup, Kent.



Pan con Allioli

garlic mayonnaise


Pan con Ajo- Garlic bread


Garlic bread with cheese



Toast with tomato, red onions, garlic, basil & olive oil



Anchovies marinated in garlic, olive oil and parsley


Pinchos de Pollo

Grilled chicken sticks marinated in cumin, coriander and ginger


Pollo Picante

Sautéed chicken with chorizo, peppers and chillies


Riñones al Jerez

Lambs kidney with onions, mushrooms and pancetta


Gambas al Ajillo

Large tiger prawns in garlic, fresh chillies and parsley (no shells )


Gambas Riojana

Sautéed tiger prawns with chorizo, potatoes & onions (no shells)


Gambas Piri-Piri

Black tiger prawns in spicy garlic, lemon, parsley & butter sauce


Gambas con Allioli

Large king prawns served cold with garlic mayonnaise


Empanadillas de Espinacas

Spinach, pine nut and feta cheese parcels wrapped in filo pastry


Ensalada de Queso y Bacon

Feta cheese and bacon salad with mustard & olive oil dressing


Queso Frito

Deep fried Spanish breaded cheese served with cranberry sauce


Paella Mixta

A tapa portion of paella (chicken, sea food and vegetables)


Chuletas de Cordero

Char-grill lamb cutlets ( 1 cutlets per portion)


Chorizo al vino

Chorizo sausage sautéed with red wine


Patatas Riojana

Sautéed potatoes with chorizo & onions


Tortilla de patatas

Traditional Spanish potato & onion omelette



Bean stew with pancetta and chorizo


Aguacate con Cangrejo

Avocado with fresh crab in a light mayonnaise dressing



Homemade pork meatballs in a spicy tomato sauce


Champiñones al Romero

Fresh mushrooms sautéed with garlic and rosemary


Patatas sol y sombra

Potato wedges with spicy tomato and allioli dip


Patatas Bravas

Potatoes in spicy tomato sauce & alliol


Calamares Fritos

Buttered deep fried squid with allioli dip


Croquetas de Cozido

Pork & chicken potato croquettes With allioli dip


Langostinos Rebozadas

Deep fried breaded scampi with allioli dip


Homemade soup of the day

Served with bread